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Where do you find the reference of products or article of your equipment? Multiple search

Where to find your reference?
Where to find your code P of your product?
The product code, also known as « P code », can be found on the label sewn inside the product. This code always starts with the letter P followed by 6 digits.

Where to find your reference?
Where to find the codag of your product?
The « codag » can be found on the Descours and Cabaud websites : Prolians, Dexis and Hydralians. It is always made of 8 digits.

Where to find the codag of your product?
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Find on Safety Finder your documents relating to the safety of your OPSIAL® and FIRST® personal protective equipment products.

We develop innovative, functional and qualitative EPI products that meet the most stringent standards of the market. This is why we are responsible for their sale and thanks to these documents we are able to guarantee your safety at work. EU Declarations of Conformity, Operating Instructions and Datasheets can be downloaded in just a few clicks.
This is the guarantee of up-to-date information!

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